The Legend That Is Bert Harkins.

Bert is one of those guys you just can't help but like, he also has lived his dream from watching his Speedway heroes at White City Glasgow to becoming one of those legends himself. Bert as a youngster would idolise the Glasgow Tigers Riders such as Tommy Miller, Ken McKinlay and Junior Bainbridge every Wednesday... Continue Reading →


Great Fun With Baby.

This photo shows my wife (Diane) myself and baby Ada, love this photo, and as Ada's mum and dad, That's Kasia and Marcin are responsible for the Website then I think it's only fair that we should have Ada on the site with Grandma and Grandad!!! From Scotland.

Nothing Lasts Forever !!!

It's so true, these were some of our Cycle Speedway teams in Edinburgh in 19-67. This article will be Of more interest to Edinburgh riders who were around at this time. Taking from our much loved Smoke Signals Magazine.

The Branston Memorial Trophy.

This is the "Smoke Signals" our cycle speedway magazine in Edinburgh report on the most prestigious meeting of the season in Edinburgh Back In the day. Winning this event for the third time meant that I keep it forever, and to this day still sits proudly on my trophy cabinet. The year was 19-67 and... Continue Reading →

Hard To Believe!!!

Yes, it's very hard to believe that all these teams, and all these tracks, and all these riders were just the norm for Cycle Speedway In Edinburgh Back In 19-68. Here I am in 20-18 asking myself "What Happened" To such a great sport which gave pleasure to so many? Now we are lucky still... Continue Reading →

The Spokesman Magazine

This was back in the good old days when us old guys just could read About our sport in the magazine that Rod Witham was editor of. Thank you Rod for all your hard work and so time consuming for you to produce our magazine. Then of course you took it online, Wow!!! You deserve... Continue Reading →

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